Balancing Act

PHOTO | August 21, 2013
Tagged: Fine Art

So, recently I've gotten behind in my 365 because I've been working and then went on a business trip with my dad, and I was seriously panicking to catch up. Then I magically had this change of heart and realized I'd rather wait to have time to shoot and really create an outcome I was actually proud of instead of looking back on a photo I just shot out to be on the correct day. I know people have been telling me that I need to catch up, and I will soon, but for now I'm going to shoot when I'm inspired and actually have something to portray. I guess that's where the idea for this photo arose. I started college today, so I have school, work, and my 365 to balance from now on. Reflectively, if I rush too much in "stacking" what I need to get done, such as catching up in my 365, I'll never be able to achieve that perfect balance in life.

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