PHOTO | August 9, 2013
Tagged: Fine Art

I've always heard people who've done 365 projects in the past talk about how they grow in their photography. Their concepts get more complex, their lighting and quality improves, and they become more comfortable shooting unconventional things in weird places. I know I'm only on day 33 (catching up to day 37), but I feel a lot happier with the outcomes of my photos. Even if they aren't what I envision and even if they're not perfect, I find comfort in knowing I spent the time thinking of the idea and how I wanted to compose it instead of taking cliche pictures of flowers and sunsets. I feel like they relate to me, and it really doesn't bother me if someone else doesn't understand. What I'm doing is what I'm going to keep doing because it's what I want to do.

P.S. I actually sprayed myself in the face with water for this. Momentarily felt like a cat woot woot.

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