PHOTO | July 8, 2013
Tagged: Fine Art, Portraits

Growing up I was always completely against makeup. I hated the idea of covering up someone's natural beauty and loved the idea of being different. However, within the passed couple of months, I'll admit the topic has begun to spark my interest. I'll wear it to work or when I'm going out, but I'll never let myself wear it every day. I always have this inner battle that if I succumb to feeling like I have to wear a full face of makeup all the time, that I won't really be me or I'll just become a shallower version of myself. So that's where this picture comes into place. There is always a part of me that wants to feel constantly put together and ready to take on the world with my red lipstick or a part of me that hates to feel like I need that red lipstick to be confident. Because despite what it may seem like to the world, they're actually the same person.

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