Don't Try and Fix Me

PHOTO | April 23, 2014
Tagged: Fine Art, Song Series

I was jamming out in my car to the 10 Years song and this kind of popped in my head. I notice that I get told all the time what to do and what not to do, and I don't mean just orders from my parents. Some people tell me "well you just need to get a boyfriend" or "you just should weigh this much" or "don't laugh so loud" or a plethora of other criticisms. I'm not the type of person that gets offended easily, so mostly I'll just laugh when someone criticizes me. Although none of these judgments are going to make me change what I do or who I am, it slightly angers me that these people think I'm going to change to their liking JUST because they tell me to. I'm extremely happy being single, so NO I don't need a boyfriend. I'm healthy, so NO I don't need to weigh less. My point is we are all works in progress. That's what life is: us working to be better versions of us each and every day. We don't need fixing because we're not broken. We all serve our own purpose so the way I see it, don't worry how someone else goes about living their life. Live yours the way you--AND ONLY YOU--wants to.

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