Smokey Mountains 2014

LIFESTYLE | July 29, 2014
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Every year my family and I take a summer vacation to the Smokey Mountains, and this year we followed in that same tradition. We went white-water rafting, tubing, hiking, thrift shopping, and enjoying each other's company without the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I get so excited about our annual trip to the mountains not just for all activities we end up doing or the break from school and work, but simply for the quality time I get to spend with my camera. Yeah, it might sound a little lame, but every time I go about taking pictures, I tend to worry whole-heartedly about concept or props rather than quality. So for this one week every summer, I give myself a break from any serious editing and focus more on getting to know my camera a little bit better and the quality of what I'm shooting. There hasn't been a single year yet that it hasn't paid off either. Now, considering most of what we tend to do in the mountains is water-based and my camera isn't waterproof, I'm not able to post pictures of everything we did, but I did try my best to get as much as I could!

Cades Cove is an 11-mile trail within the park that visitors can walk, bike, or drive to see nature at its finest with the mountains and the various wildlife, including deer, horses, and maybe even a bear or two. This path tends to be one of our favorite parts of vacation, and this passed year we drove through it twice. Here, we decided to stop at this beautiful open field where mountains were visible for miles.

Considering we venture onto the same main trail of Cades Cove each year, this time we decided to wander onto some of the paths less travelled by within the park. As we were driving on a gravel trail in the woods, we all noticed the sound of running water and stumbled upon this beautiful little waterfall!

As we continued to drive that same path deeper into the woods, we found this cute cabin that I was dying to take pictures in, but it started raining on us.

Now we can't go through Cades Cove without noticing the breathtaking views!

We ate lunch right on the water after we went rafting and got to watch other rafters go down the rapids!

Last year we found this pretty neat outside flea market that we decided to revisit this trip. I ended up buying a vintage Alfred Hitcock book and a mystery novel called Revenant for 50 cents which was probably one of the best mytery books I've ever read considering I finished it in a day. Here, my dad and sister are bargaining on the prices of a set of old comic books.

We were driving over the water when we noticed this beautiful marina, and we decided to stop and walk along the water and give our legs a little stretch.

Here I am just soaking in some sun at the marina, throwing some bread to the ducks that wandered passed us.

*insert joke here about my skin being the same color as the sand* Ha. Ha. But seriously, on our drive back we decided to stop at Long Beach just to stretch out our trip just a little bit more and to dip our toes in the water.

There wouldn't have been a more beautiful way to end our trip than a sunset on the beach.

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