20th Birthday

LIFESTYLE | October 22, 2014
Tagged: Family + Friends

I have officially made it out of my teenage years! Now what? I might actually have to be an adult...oh no. It's so ironic how the older I get the more kid-like I want my birthdays to be. This year a couple of my best girlfriends and I embraced the simplistic. I set up a photo booth with the cheesiest of props and we roasted hot dogs and made smores and life was wonderful.

Here we have the classic moustache and red lip, along with a bow tie, and can't forget about the harry potter glasses! (I did have a batman mask but it didn't exactly hold up the best.)

My little cousins are such divas.

My sister's expression (far right) is just the best here, haha.

Selfie-ception. I'm not a huge selfie supporter, but c'mon, I'll admit it was cute here.

Leave it to a bunch of college girls to blow up balloons for the soul purpose of sticking them up our shirts. So classy.

We had a huge fire but it was hot no one could get within 20 feet to even defrost their hot dogs, so we scooped a little baby fire from it and all huddled around it.

See? Try roasting weenies on this monster.

Now what would be more perfectly cliche than ending this post with a celebritory photo of us throwing balloons in the air? Absolutely nothing.

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