Letting Go

PHOTO | October 27, 2014
Tagged: Fine Art

I realized a couple weeks ago that I can't honestly call myself a photographer anymore and that truth was unbelievably painful. I can make up any excuse out of the book as to why I don't take pictures like I used to. I can say I need to focus on school or I don't have the right props or I'm just too busy. But the truth is I'm lazy and I'm scared. The reason I started photography was to see how many different worlds I could create with whatever I had on hand. The fun part is working around the light or the rain or in the mud and taking a single ordinary $1 prop from a thrift store and making it mean something to me. I get so caught up in how I want the outcome of it to look and what I want it to mean to other people that I scare myself out of coming up with concepts altogether. I told myself the other night that I wasn't going to miss another opportunity to shoot and once I got outside and actually started, it was the most freeing, simplistic fun I've had in ages. So, I've kind of sworn to myself to let go of the fear of how a picture might come out because I didn't start this for other people to like it. If it comes out crappy, oh well, but a picture I never take will never be any good.

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