We Got a Puppy!

LIFESTYLE | August 14, 2015
Tagged: Family + Friends

Say hello to the newest member of the family! He is a golden Retriever-Lab-Collie mix and the brother to Shadow (see him here). We love everything about this breed and couldn't pass up the opportunity when we heard the family we bought Shadow from had a golden mix in their dogs' second litter! I've basically been following him around with my camera 24/7 and decided to share a few of my favorites photos. Brace yourself for all the cuteness.

It's a good thing he won't stay small like this forever because he loves being right under my feet. I'm afraid I'm always going to step on him!

I can't help but want to carry him around all the time. This is love.

His love for this little giraffe toy is adorable. I think he's still undecided about how he feels about the squeaking noise though. He barks at it every time he squeaks it, haha.

He found a little spot in between two roots of this tree and he just sits in it. I have no idea why, ha.

My favorite picture for last of course!

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