National Thrift Store Day

LIFESTYLE | August 17, 2015
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I love thrifting. Flea markets, garage sales, good will. I live for it all. There's something so enticing about never knowing what you're going to find and then not paying full price for it either! Since today is national thrift store day, I'm sharing a few bits and pieces that I consider to be my most successful of thrift store finds.

If a pair of shorts or jeans aren't high-waisted, chances are I won't wear it. I love everything about how high-waisted bottoms look, fit, and make me feel. I got these for only $2.50 about 2 years ago and they're still going pretty strong, even if the button is about to fall off. AND the pockets on these shorts are amazing! It's so difficult to find decent front pockets on clothing nowadays. Go figure.

It's no lie that there's nothing glamorous about these boots but there's not supposed to be. I'm no stranger to trudging through our vine-covered mosquito-infested woods (what a paradise, right?) just to clear my head every once in a while and I certainly don't need a pair of expensive Louis Vuittons to do that. Most stores want at least $20 for a pair of heavy duty boots like these and most of the time they're in camo (ugh), but I couldn't pass these up for only $7! They were the perfect fit and just what I needed. Now I don't have to sacrifice anymore old tennis shoes.

(Pictured left): If I had to pick a phrase to describe my style, I believe it would be called "granny chic". Aka my closet looks like a flower shop threw up on it. In a good way, of course. So I couldn't resist adding this skort to my wardrobe for only $3.49. It's not a typical skort where the shorts show in the back, but rather it looks like a skirt all the way around, except there are shorts underneath. How revolutionary. The fabric is soooo soft and just feels so well made. Not to mention, it's high-waisted. Best part is, it's Ann Taylor brand, meaning it was originally $64.99. That's almost 95% off!

(Pictured right): Let me start off by saying these are the most comfortable pair of heels I own, and I typically hate heels. I'm so much more of a sandal/sneaker kind of gal. And unfortunately, I have really big feet (yeah, I know, eww) which makes it super hard to find shoes that fit me without going to an actual shoe store and asking for my size. So the fact that these fit so well made them even more tempting. I usually never purchase any brown shoes because most of the clothes in my closet go along with the black/gray/white theme so I never have a reason to wear brown shoes. However, for $3.49 I thought it was about time I added a pair of brown heels to my wardrobe and I haven't looked back since.

These shoes are basically my staple heels for winter. They have a slight fleece material on the inside so they keep my toes nice and warm, and they go perfect with any kind of tights. They're actually a very dark brown and sometimes I can even get away with wearing a black outfit with them. Can't beat that for only $4.94!

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