5 Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts

LIFESTYLE | December 22, 2015
Tagged: DIY

Is it just me or can no one else believe that there are only 2 days until Christmas? I still feel like there are 2 weeks until the big day. I'm done with all of my Christmas shopping, thank goodness, but I sorta kinda forgot that I actually have to wrap them now. So, today, I come to you with easy, yet non-traditional and super creative ways to wrap all those last minute gifts. These are sure to catch anyone's eye from under the tree.

We'll start with the simplest of them all. All you'll need is brown craft paper (or whatever gift wrap of your choosing) and ribbon. I recommend going with a flimsy material, like polyester or satin. The wired ribbons make this classic bow a bit difficult. First, turn your gift upsidedown and lie the ribbon underneath the package. Pull it across the gift with the left side crossing over the right section of ribbon. Then pull the left section down and the right section upwards. Holding the ribbons tightly, flip the present right side up. Finally, tie a bow as per usual. I put a piece of tape under my bow to keep the ribbon from slipping.

I used the back of regular gift wrap to fake the white wrapping paper look for this one. Then tie a cutout label around the gift. It looked a little too boring so I slapped some red stripes and green dots. And there you have it, instant festivity!

This is always one of my favorite go to gift wrapping ways. It's just brown paper wrapped with red and white string. Then I painted a border along the gift label sticker to resemble a stamp. Sometimes I just stop here, but I decided to throw in a little artsy fartsy travel stamp with some red paint. And it looks just like an old fashioned parcel!

This one was beyond simple, but I seriously love the way it turned out. I originally wanted plain white gift wrap, but you wouldn't believe how difficult that is to find! So I got creative and just took regular wrapping paper with a white back and wrapped the gift inside out. I cut out a snowflake with some comstruction paper and used it as a stencil with some gold spray paint. I did have to use sealer to keep the spray paint from transferring. And it's that easy. Tie it with a ribbon, and you're done!

I've saved the best for last with this one since it's my favorite. Materials needed for this one are brown craft paper, pencil with eraser, white paint, ribbon, and optional garnishment. I placed the eraser of a pencil into white paint and dotted the entire top and sides of the gift. This did take a while so I recommend only doing it with a small gift or using a bigger eraser. I took some red and white string and tied it around the package and attached some cute little pine branches. They actually make the present smell so good. I put a little tag on it and voila! This would also look cute with a small piece of garland, a pinecone, or even a candy cane in place of the pine branches.

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