DIY Bokeh Effect

LIFESTYLE | December 17, 2015
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I'll always have a thing for photography and I'm lost without a camera in my hand, but around this time of year, my love for photography really takes the front seat over everything else. The festive props, the gift wrap, and the beautiful trees in the background. It all can just really make an image come to life. Sometimes I have difficulty figuring out to make my photos look festive though with using the same ornaments to fill blank space over and over again. So as day 4 for the 12 days of Christmas series, I bring you a super simple tutorial to create a very different yet festive bokeh effect for those Christmas tree lights you plan on placing in the background of your images.

What you'll need:
black construction paper
      - a long strip to go around the lens
      - circles to fit over the front of the lens

Tape the long strip of paper around your camera lens, then tape the cirlce with whatever shape you decide on to the long strip of paper. Don't tape it directly to your lens because then the camera can't turn the focus ring. And snap away!

See the stars in the background?

Next I tried it with hearts! I think my heart was a little too round so some of them don't exactly look very heart-like, but you get the idea.

Now with some diamonds!

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