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LIFESTYLE | December 14, 2015
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Welcome to the first installment of the 12 Days of Christmas series here on the blog! From now until Christmas Day, I'll be posting every single day about all things festive. So, for day 1, I've rounded up a list of traditions I look forward to all year long that my family and I carry out annually. I was raised in a house where everyone was a creature of habit, and therefore, I'm a creature of habit. We take the same vacations of every year, we go out to eat every Sunday after church, and carry on numerous other traditions. And I love it. Many people may think it's boring or unspontaneous, but I like knowing what to look forward to. My favorite time to cherish these traditions are during the holidays. Hope you enjoy!

Black Friday

I mentioned in my Black Friday haul, that Black Friday is one of my favorite days of the year. Each year, my mom, sister, and I get up around 5 am and hit a couple stores. We end the trip off at Waffle House and, with full stomachs, typically go home to nap!

Christmas Tree Hunt

Continuing on Black Friday, or maybe sometimes the weekend after Thanksgiving, we pick out a tree for the official kick-off to Christmas! We used to go to a local tree farm, but they shut down a couple years ago, so we've picked out a tree at Lowe's since then, and we love it. They're not super expensive and they seriously have the best selection. All of the trees are super tall and very full. And just, man oh man, the scent of a real tree just makes me want Christmas to never end.

Photos With Santa

Each year, two Saturdays before Christmas, my mom, dad, sister, and I all go on an annual family Christmas shopping trip. The mall at Christmastime is something I'll never get tired of. All the oversized trees, the Christmas music, the festive shop window displays. It's just all so cheery. Like most malls around the holidays, there's an area to take photos with Santa, and we've incorporated it into our mall trip since I was 9. The line is typically pretty long, perfect for allowing one of us to sneak off and do some Christmas shopping for each other. There's also an adjacent pretzel stand, and the smell is irresistable. So, every December, we sit in the line for Santa, share a pepperoni and a cinnamon pretzel, and wait to add to our album of Christmas photos!

Christmas Day

I can't even begin to explain how magical every Christmas morning is to me. I spend Christmas Eve at my parents house and we all excitedly await for everyone to be awake. We all sit in our living room around the tree, and open gifts from each other on rotation one by one with the Macy's Christmas Day Parade on TV in the background. After the gifts are opened, we begin to prepare lunch as the rest of our family starts to arrive around noon. There's Christmas music playing, lots of hugs, and so many delicious smells floating around the kitchen. Once we've all stuffed our faces more than we can imagine, all of the family gathers next to the tree again and we then share the gifts not from immediate family. The older folks tend to fall asleep at some point during the day and the grandchildren typically end the festivities by playing board games, Just Dance on the Wii, or Rock Band. I just adore big family gatherings, and Christmas day brings out the best in them.

Do you have any holiday traditions?

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