National Mutt Day

LIFESTYLE | July 31, 2015
Tagged: Family + Friends

In honor of National Mutt Day today, I've decided to show off my adorable pups! We have Toby, a 5-year-old white Poodle, and Shadow, an almost 8-month black Lab-Retreiver-Collie mix.

I'm sorry this background is so ugly, but this is one of their favorites spots to chill out, and I couldn't get them to move for anything. Not even a toy!

Toby thinks he's a model because he always poses so well for photos.

Shadow loves to swim, especially when it's 99 degrees outside like it is today. Plus, the dragonflies that surround the pond drive him crazy, and it's so cute to see him jump in the water thinking he's going to catch them.

Like I said, it's too hot for them to do anything outside really, so here they are just lounging in the shade (wishing they were inside, those lazy bums).

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