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LIFESTYLE | November 11, 2015
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Now that it gets dark so early (seriously, 4:30?), and the nights tend to be slightly chillier, and I'm beginning to see holiday decor everywhere, all I want to do is just crawl into bed with my dogs, some chocolate milk, and a whole line up of shows to watch. Sadly, I can't exactly do that, but I can squeeze in a couple new episodes of the current shows I'm loving every now and then. So today I've put together a couple shows that I've been absolutely obsessed with this fall. There seem to be so many of them coming out now, I downloaded an app just to remind me when they come on because I can't seem to keep up with it all!

The Blacklist

Available on Netflix and Airs on NBC

I love shows that have a beginning and end to every episode. As in, something gets accomplished and the writers of the show aren't just seeing how long they can drag it out. That's one of the main things that draws me to this show. Raymond Reddington, a previous convict, turns himself in to the FBI in agreement that he is not sentenced because he holds valuable information of a list of future national crises, which he calls the Blacklist. However, he wishes only to deal with Elizabeth Keen, a new agent on her first day of the job. Little does she, and everyone else, know that Raymond Reddington knows way more about her than even she does. Every episode shows how the FBI take down another member of the Blacklist, with a little (sometimes a whole lotta) help from Reddington's unconventional and not-exactly-legal ways. This show is so brilliantly written because you never know whose side to be on. It shows a good and bad angle to everyone's story. And can we all just take a second to appreciate every scene with Ressler or Tom in it? *swoon*


Airs on NBC

I seriously look forward to Mondays now because of this show. It's so addictive and has just the right amount of mystery without being overly dramatic (like *cough* Pretty Little Liars *cough*). Jane Doe crawls out of a dufflebag in the middle of New York City with no clothes and no memory and with only the fresh tattoos that cover her entire body. The main tattoo in the center of her back points to FBI agent Kurt Weller which is where the story starts. Each episode uncovers one of her tattoos and gets just an inch closer to her remembering her past. I'm almost tempted to not watch this show for the rest of the season just so I can binge watch it all at one time because it's so difficult to only watch one episode. I'm always left wanting to know more.

Wicked City

Airs on ABC

If you liked The Following or The Fall (both available on Netflix), you'll love this show. Wicked City is just bubbling with dramatic irony because you already know who the murderers are, unlike the police that just can't seem to put it together. And no matter how much you yell at your TV for that chick at the bar to not trust the psycho killer, she never listens. This type of show is way scarier to me than most horror films because of how simplistically realistic it is. The main character is just so manipulative and clever at getting what he wants, you'd never know he was a complete psychopath. Plus, it has Vera Farminga (Violet from AHS), and I just love her.


Airs on CBS

As you can see from this list, I tend to watch a lot of murder and mystery shows, but Limitless is perfect when I'm craving something full of action. Each episode is go go go from the minute it starts. It follows the unsuccessful life of Brian Fench, who can't ever seem to accomplish anything. He takes some boring job in filing room of a bank investment company where he runs in to his old bandmate, Eli. After explaining to Eli that he feels he isn't going anywhere in life, Eli hands him a single clear pill just for a "jump start". Thinking he has nothing to lose, Brian takes the pill and he is suddenly capable of using 100 percent of his brain. This show makes me feel so unproductive though because Brian Fench can read every book in the Library of Congress in two hours and it takes me two weeks to do my dishes haha.

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