The Risk of Dreaming

PHOTO | September 16, 2015
Tagged: Fine Art

Long time, no blog! Sorry about the absense as of late. Unfortunately, school and work have gotten the best of me. I'm actually writing this blog post on the floor in the hallway of my next exam. But this is the last one for this week, thank goodness. Anywho, I drew out this idea a super long time ago and never found the will to shoot it until the other day when I bought this super retro dress from Goodwill and had the urge to play with the bottle of fake blood that's been sitting in a cabinet for months. So here it is:

Anytime someone asks me what I do outside of school and work, it's always kind of difficult to explain. I usually just say "I take pictures" or "I run a blog", which is usually then followed by an awkward okay or a weird silence. Not that I have to justify who I am to anyone, but I find it hard to explain myself to people at times. This is more than just a Wordpress template to me. This is something I put months of time in coding and designing and something I want to do for other people in my career. So this concept kind of came from the fact that I just do me even if other people don't understand it and even if that balloon that will help me reach my goals in life is full of thorns.

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