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LIFESTYLE | September 18, 2015
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There's an old furniture and antique store about 10 minutes up the road from where I live that hosts a trade day the second Saturday of every month. My dad and I try to make it as much as we can, but work tends to get in the way so we hadn't been in a couple months. We, along with my mom, were finally able to make it last Saturday, and it was a such beautiful day. You never know what you're going to find, and sometimes you may leave with nothing. However, I believe this trip was my most successful flea market haul ever so I decided to share a few photos!


My bathroom is completely nautical themed so I'm always excited to find little nic nacs that match. When I spotted this, I got so excited, especially since the owner said it was only $1!

Seashell Jar

I have a thing with old jars and it's difficult to find them with the original corks. I found this next to the lighthouse previously mentioned and it was 50 cents. I couldn't wait to take it home and fill it with sand and shells to put on my bathroom shelf.

Lighthouse Painting

This is the last nautical themed item, I promise. I'm not one to commit to putting nails in the wall, but the walls of my loft have felt empty lately and I needed something to spice that up. I found this print and I swear it was made for my bathroom wall. The seller wanted $22.50 originally, but I ended up buying it for only $10!

Civil War Facts Book

I've always had an interest in history whether it be in plantation homes, on the History Channel, or vintage collectibles. And I've always loved to read so one of my favorite spots of any flea market are the books that people have already read and they're trying to get rid of. I bought this one with short Civil War stories for just $3 and I can't wait to start it for just a light read.

Ceramic Vintage Hat Ladies

There's no real point or purpose as to why I bought these, haha. We used to watch The Waltons when I was growing up and these ceramic ladies reminded me so much of the Baldwin sisters from that show and I couldn't resist. Plus, they look so good on my vintage dresser I got from my great aunt! Asking price: $10, I paid: $5


The guy that was selling these books actually goes to my church!

When I asked the woman that made this jewelry if I could snap photos of her booth, she got so excited and acted like she was going to be famous, haha.

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